The Actors' Loft

The Actors' Loft’s mission is to bring casting directors, agents, and actors together into a mutually beneficial working relationship, creating an atmosphere where the barriers are removed and actors and industry leaders are on equal footing. Actors are empowered, and industry leaders are exposed to new talent.

They provide a variety of classes to help you hone your performance skills and get you exposed to the industry. They put the actor first and foremost in an atmosphere that is supportive of each individual's creative process.

The industry leaders that teach and observe classes at The Actors' Loft are of the same philosophy: mutual respect and care for the process produces the best work a person can deliver.

All classes are held in Midtown Manhattan.

  • Musical Theatre Workshops
  • On Camera Classes
  • TV and Film Workshops


Maggie Mae is the founder of The Actors’ Loft.   A talent manager with Maude Kaplan Management, Maggie Mae is very “In the Know” when it comes to acting in NYC.  The Actors’ Loft was founded about 20 years ago when Maggie rented a great and rather large space at 56th and 8th Ave right above the McDonalds at a very low price.  She saw the space and knew she could use it for theatre.  She lived in the back and taught in the front area that she turned into a theatre with seats and all!  Maggie created a safe space for actors to meet casting directors and help open doors.  It was an ongoing conversation that built a community within the bigger world of acting in NYC.  All of the casting directors and other teachers she hired had one thing in common, they all wanted to TEACH.  It wasn’t about a paycheck, it was about people giving back to others, helping grow new actors.  The spirit of teaching and learning is still what thrives at the Actors’ Loft. Each new class brings new energy and joy for acting not just for the students but the teachers too!  Sadly the space Maggie had on 8th ave more than tripled in rent costs only five years after she created it and she had to move.  Now classes are held in Midtown at several of the studio spaces in the area, which is great since most auditions are also held at these studios.  The Actors’ Loft is a smaller organization that provides quality classes at very reasonable prices.  There are only a few classes running at any given time and the focus is always on helping you grow as an actor.  Below are just a few of the types of classes and a list of some of the past teachers.

Musical Theatre Workshops with Bob Cline, Merri Sugarman, Gayle Seay, Joel Carlton and Justin Huff.

On Camera classes with Matthew Corozine, Kate Geller, Mia Cusumano, Kimberly Graham and Kristen Paladino.

Check out The Actors’ Loft website for information on all their upcoming classes.