Gypsy's List

Gypsy's List is a website providing information for the musical theatre professional.

  • Who's Who Profiles of industry Creatives, Theatres, and (coming soon) Colleges with Musical Theatre programs.
  • Audition Basics gives the actor the information, tips and tools to audition in NYC.
  • In The Room provides the list of who was in the room at all NYC Equity auditions.
  • Broadway Teaches is a calendar list of classes being taught by Broadway Creatives right here in NYC.
  • Discounts is a list of organizations that provide deeply discounted tickets to Broadway shows.
  • In The Know is a weekly article featuring industry resources that you as an actor should know about.
  • Road To Broadway is a weekly article sharing the inspirational stories of actors and their Road To Broadway.
  • Broadway Gives is list of charity opportunities where you can use your talents to give back to the world.


Gypsy’s List was born out of an idea that came to Danielle Sue Jordan four years ago.  Throughout the years, she would put ideas into a notebook and then forget about them, but the idea continued to creep back into her mind.  She saw that there was a need for a website that would make it easier to find the information about the people and places she was auditioning for - a “one stop shop” for the information and resources an actor needs in NYC.  Not having gone to college, Danielle moved to NY without very many connections in the Musical Theatre world and really had to learn about everything in the business through word of mouth, from people she met at auditions, and plain old trial and error.  With Gypsy’s List, actors will have a place to go to find much of the information that took her years to discover, right at their fingertips.  Gypsy’s List has no subscription fee because Danielle strongly believes this information should be free and available to all - she wants to give back to a community that has given her so much.  Sharing information, talents and helping others is a huge part of who Danielle is and she couldn’t imagine creating Gypsy’s List in any other way...  But in order to create Gypsy’s List she needed help, so she began talking about Gypsy’s List to anyone who would listen. That’s where Broadway Demo came in.  After a vocal coaching lesson with Tina Marie Cassamento (casting associate for Networks, actor, writer, vocal coach and Co-Founder of Broadway Demo) and her husband David Libby (music director, arranger, composer and Co-Founder of Broadway Demo), Danielle shared with them her ideas about Gypsy’s List and her need to find someone who could build the technical side of the website.  Later, Danielle received an email from David saying that BroadwayDemo, LLC might be able to help with the technical aspect of building Gypsy's List. And so the collaboration of BroadwayDemo® and Gypsy’s List was born!  BroadwayDemo® is proud to be a part of this exciting new website and Danielle is so thankful for their collaboration.  Gypsy’s List and BroadwayDemo® encourage you to check out the website, see what it has to offer for you and share it with your friends. Gypsy’s List also encourages you to contact them with any ideas you may have that you would like them to include in the future!