357W. 36th St.
Suite 202
New, NY 10018

Matthew Corozine Studio


Based in the Meisner Technique, MCS teaches “the reality of doing and finding the truth within yourself”. Great actors trust their instincts and impulses fully, and respond truthfully from their humanity. In doing so, MCS cultivates a new generation of professional artists that are currently working in Broadway, Hollywood, television, film, and live theatre regional and international.

Discover the “REALITY OF DOING” and respond from your humanity.


  • Multiple Day and Night Classes throughout the week. Scene Study and Audition Technique. 
  • Private Acting Coachings Available
  • Theatre Rental is available for Rehearsals, Classes and/or Performances
  • Special events and Seminars available throughout the year.


Matthew Corozine Studios is celebrating its 14th year of training actors in the heart of the theatre district.  The founder, Matthew Corozine, is also a Director, Teacher and Actor here in NYC.  Matthew never imagined he would be an owner and teacher of an acting studio, he always thought he would be a part of an improve group and a director. In college, Matthew studied at Suny New Paltz and eventually learned about the Meisner Technique of acting from Robert X Modica - one of the few remaining teachers who co-taught with Sanford Meisner at The Neighborhood Playhouse and AMDA. Matthew grew to love the acting technique. As he continued his study of acting, an opportunity to direct a group of students in a play about Waco Texas was presented to him, and he was happy to help out.  Using the Meisner techniques he had learned, Matthew was able to bring out the best in his actors. The stage manager for the show saw the potential and suggested that he should start an acting class.  So he did, splitting his time between auditioning as an actor and teaching others the Meisner technique. A little while later, Matthew came to a crossroads,  “Do I buy more headshots or do I place an ad in Backstage?”.  His students unanimously agree, they are glad he bought the ad in Backstage!  14 years later the studio is going strong, teaching actors to “Get out of their head!” each and every class.


What makes MCS so unique? Matthew realized that other classes he had taken had “good critiques but they didn’t give you the tools needed to help improve”.  The “How” is the challenge.  “Letting the doing do you.” Using the Meisner technique allows the audience to have something “more exciting to watch, but it’s scarier for the actor.”  The exercises help your body learn what it feels like to act on instincts and to trust yourself, without it, the acting can become general as opposed to full.


The studio has continued to grow over the years, now with five other teachers - Ryan Tofil, Jill Richburg, Isaac Byrn, Jacob Mirer and Ryan Link.  New classes are being created to fulfill the actors’ needs.  MCS is not just an acting studio, but a space for the writers, producers and directors in all of us to be able to work and play in a safe and judgment free space.  Organic networking, being free to find yourself , “to find your voice within imaginary circumstances” are all a part of what MCS gives back to the actor.