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Paul Michael's The Network

The Network is a place where Metropolitan area theatre and film artists and the agents, managers and casting directors looking to work with them can meet, communicate and connect in a safe and creative atmosphere.

Through weekly seminars and Q&A sessions with some of New York's top entertainment professionals, The Network provides opportunities for developing artists to meet with them to both train and expand their professional network.

With an open door policy, The Network serves as a hub that can be used to seek out advice, information and coaching from our staff and associates. We strive to maintain a level of integrity, honesty and a commitment to the needs and success of the individual that is unique to any other service of its kind.


  • Seminars 
  • Ongoing Classes 
  • Workshops and Events 


Paul Michaels The Network was created over 8 years ago and has become known as a well respected and nurturing space for Actors, Agents and Casting Directors, where they can gather together all on the same playing field.  Paul Michael created The Network out of a need he saw in the industry and so many actors are thankful that he did.  An Actor, Director, Casting Director and Assistant Agent himself, he knows every side and angle of the business and his goal is to share that knowledge with us all.  One of the things that makes The Network so unique is the FREE consultations Paul personally gives to every actor who walks through the doors.  He truly has an open door policy and is willing to give advice and coach you before, during and after you participate in any of the programs the studio has to offer.  His passion for giving back to the acting community exudes when you meet him and the industry is so lucky to have him. 


One of the most unique programs The Network offers is called The Edge Program.  4 – 5 times a year this Audition Only program is held at The Network.  It includes 2 weeks of classes, 2 evening image and marketing sessions, 2 day sessions of side coaching, and 2 private sessions.  It’s an intensive that gets you prepared and ready to audition, meet with casting directors and agents.  The program covers everything, including: what to wear, side prep,  and your “elevator speech”.

The Network Studios are not only used for classes but many casting directors have held their casting sessions in the same studios you may have taken a class in.  Including The Americas, House of Cards, Carrie Diaries, Erica Palgon Casting and many more. It is also an Equity approved space for rehearsals, readings and performances.


Other programs include:

  • Seminars - Seminars at Paul Michael’s The Network are one of the smallest in the industry and have no time limits during the individual meetings portion. Each seminar begins with a fifteen-minute question and answer session, offering you immediate access to the industry professional’s wealth of knowledge. Following the question and answer segment, each actor will have the opportunity to present work based on the needs of the industry professional for feedback and adjustments with the goal of beginning or deepening your working relationship.
  • Ongoing Classes - Classes at Paul Michael’s The Network are lead by industry professionals at the forefront of their respective fields with distinguished track records as coaches. Each class is designed to cater to the needs of the individual actor, focused on a precise skill set within a specific section of the industry. Our class sizes are always the smallest in the industry and are always offered at the lowest prices. 
  • Workshops and Events - Their workshops and events are catered to the individual needs of each actor and their genre of focus within the industry. They have the fewest number of actors and offer the most hands-on coaching with the highest-ranking industry professionals.


The name says it all “The Network” is truly a place where an Actor can make connections and see their career take off, expand, and grow.