Stagelighter is a new and exciting website and company that connects you to the experts of our industry. It’s the digital age and Stagelighter is taking full advantage! Whether you are in a small town in Canada, across the coutry in LA or right here in NYC, you can submit a video and receive very thoughtful, personal feedback within a very short time frame. You can find out what the industry professionals think of your work! Stagelighter has carefully selected individuals who truly love this business and want to help others in their pursuit of this beautiful art form we call Musical Theatre.  Tap into an expert team of advisors and supercharge your audition material today!


Stagelighter is so simple and easy to use. 

  • Upload your material.
  • Choose your coach.  (Prices start at $29 and there are no monthly costs or membership fees.)
  • Get your feedback.

Coaches include Casting Directors, Agents, Performers, College Professors, Directors, Music Directors and Composers. 


Check out their feedback examples on their website.  I was so impressed by the truly personal attention they gave and the great advice that was shared.  There are no more excuses, if you want to know how your auditions are going, upload a video today and ask the professionals!


Stagelighter was created by Tadzio Smith, a singer and actor from Vancouver Island, Canada. Being so far from NYC, Tad always wished there was a way to be connected to the best in the industry and there the idea of Stagelighter began.  Now performers from all over the world can have access to honest and professional feedback from those who are truly in the know.   Art in general is a subjective thing and what’s wonderful about this new website is that you can get opinions from many different Musical Theatre professionals and be able to continue growing in your work.  Video submissions are becoming more and more common even in theatre for the first rounds of auditions especially.  Putting something on tape can be scary and as artists we are so quick to judge, I say put it out there and let the world see what you have to offer.  Stagelighter is a great way to start the process with people giving you the best advice in the industry.